Hi there, Redditor!

I’m Blair Daniels and I love writing stories that creep you out!

I’ve just published my first book, with illustrations and never-before-seen stories. Check it out! You can also find me on Facebook and support me on Patreon.

How Will You Die? 

Dr. Atwell knows. He knows how everyone will die, even the ones he won’t kill himself.

He also knows about all your clones. You didn’t really think you were the original, did you?

SHADOW ON THE STAIRS is a collection of short thriller, horror, mystery, and suspense stories. Deranged murders and master assassins. Mad experiments and profane rites. Each bite-sized page turner is a quick, exciting read, made more so by Dr. Atwell’s elaborate narrative subtly woven between the stories.

50 NoSleep Stories. 10 Never-Before-Seen Horror Stories. 10 Original Illustrations.

Read if you dare.